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Portrait Photography

Visual Story Telling

Some of my beloved Fujifilm X Photographers.

Kage Collective – website, facebook, instagram | Collective website about visual story telling.

Photographers International

  • Thomas Menk (D) – website, facebook | A excellent reference and linklist into the Fuji World.
  • Mona Kuhn (US) – website | Very sensual Portraits. Love her book “Private”.

Photographers Belgium

  • Gregor Collienne (BE, Spa) – website
  • Christian Charlier (BE, Eupen) – website

Galleries & Museums

  • Young Gallery (BE, Brussels) – website, facebook | Excellent Gallery in the heard of Brussls. Website not as good as the gallery.
  • KuK Monschau (D, Monschau) – website | Exibitions of excellent quality in a quite little town! Ugly website, excellent artists but more historic than modern.
  • Foto Museum (BE, Antwerp) – website, facebook
  • Musee Photo (BE, Charleroi) – website, facebook


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