Oper 2.0 / Der Gletscher

Hello, here is a selection of images taken during the rehearsal and performance of the opera. You can use these images but be correct and mention my name: Peter Ortmann; Peter Ortmann Photography (on Facebook) or “gallerybypeter” on Instagram.

Small Images 25/10 [here on google]
Small Format, with logo to be used on social media platforms.

Large Images 25/10 [here on google]
Large print format without logo. Please reference me on public prints.

Video snippets 25/10 [here on google]
Video snippets without any treatment and pretention. Just for fun.

Some more from the days of rehearsal.

Have fun, Peter


All images here are under copyright of Peter Ortmann. It is not allowed to use these images in any way without written permission of the owner. Please contact me if you like to use the images.

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