About Me

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First years

I started photography more than 20 years ago. While preparing for a transatlantic sail trip I decided to buy a waterproof Nikon AW/AF and some rolls of Film. I never regretted it.

When I then started to work in Brussels I booked some photographic classes for one year. It was still the time of black & white and developing yourself with a lot of old projectors and chemical stuff. It was always a moment of magic when blacks appeared on the previously white paper until a full image was visible.


While I was sailing, skiing or cycling, I always took my camera with me. I had to negotiate each time if I prefer to travel with heavy equipment and good image quality or light with less quality. But I often preferred to go for the heavy stuff as I loved the image quality. So traveling alone or with my family has always been a good reason to take pictures.


We live on the east side of Belgium next to nice woods, unspectacular natural reserves, small lakes medium winters and summers. But all in all I love the landscape and the changes of seasons.  That’s what I mostly did when walking around the neighborhoods.


As my wife is a musician and I regret not to play any instrument I started to follow the bands and concerts of many musicians and groups around. I loved the music, but I did not like the unpleasant backgrounds of many stages. So I decided to go for black & white images. It was the right choice to set up series of concerts held over different stages.


I had enough good and bad shots done during the concerts, but I was missing real portraits of many musicians. So I decided by mid-2013 to start a series of portraits based on the musicians I knew. I have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback and the openness of most of the people I met.


And yes, I live in the German speaking part of Belgium. That is next to the German border and in fact quite close to Liège (Belgium), Aachen (Germany) and Maastricht (Holland). During the day I work in an international software house with some nice and interesting people.


peter portrait 002